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Our mission

Referencing the excellent example set by EVF HOW, our mission statement is Education and hands-on practice for the benefit of patients with venous disease.” BUT - in addition to providing understanding of practical management of venous disease and hands-on training of modern procedures we go many steps further and include the newest discoveries in phlebology, offering a glimpse into the future, with lots of ‘take-home-experiences’ to immediately improve your daily practice.

General objectives

Based on 25 years of high-end experience in vascular medicine and in collaboration with „The Leading Vein Clinics of the World“ organization, the angioclinic® team provides state-of-the-art lessons to let you easily improve skills and knowledge in phlebology – independent from how much you knew before. We offer practical diagnostic and treatment training in small groups (n = 3 to 6), on real patients, including re-examination of patients next day for a creative outcome discussion (see program).

Objectives „Plus the future“

Some didactic parts of the workshop might be learned elsewhere (e.g. EVF HOW, ACP courses, Paris masterclass), but this is THE ONLY phlebology workshop taking you from standards to the future. Some examples: Early Stages Detection will teach you ultrasound to detect the real origin of disease, not just the source of reflux. There are at least six stages of valve damage, requiring different treatments! Valvuloplasty and Venoplasty by perivenous injectibles are options to reverse early stages of valve failure. Anyone who is able to do ultrasound-guided punctures can do it. Of course we show our newest versions of endovenous treatments, using different lasers or electric heat, or gluing like ScleroGlue®. Enjoy a lecture and demonstration of Biomatrix sclerofoam – a prototype of the first high-viscosity sclerofoam and the fastest tool on earth to eliminate recurrent varicosities. Watch how to use our famous add-ons like Film Compression Bandage or Silicone Compression Pad (see program). Visit our sponsors to learn more about these novel products.

Who should attend?

Participants should have a basic knowledge of general phlebology and ultrasound diagnostics – that´s enough. We promise to push the experts and the beginners on a higher level! A comment for surgeons: We usually have no particular focus on surgical methods, as the future of phlebology is minimally invasive. However, we even might use surgery in the workshop if it should be the best solution in a given case, and there is a great respect of former gold standards set by surgery. So, attending surgeons and non-surgeons will both have their fun. We also will not have a primary focus on iliacal obstructions and stenting (recommended: EVF HOW course), as we think it´s a rare situation compared to the multitude of every day´s vein patients. If there are any questions, please ask us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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